Scholarships! 2nd Week of March

Ana Soto Juarez, Staff Scholarships Editor

Hello Spartans! Here are this week’s scholarships:

  • The Spirit of Giving goes to three local high school students with a commitment to serve others.  We have details in the front office. Have a short essay ready and you can make $1000 and don’t even have to give that away.
  • Spartan seniors–Jerry Deuker is a name from Spartan past, he was Mr. Spartan and in his memory, we have a great scholarship that you won’t want to miss.  Open to all seniors regardless of GPA, it is $2500 and if you have been a leader, a citizen, a contributor, this one’s for you. We will award up to 8 of our best seniors, and you need to apply.  Write a 1-2 page essay, describe your character and your dreams and how you served our community. Do this and something special could be coming your way.
  • Create Real Impact , that’s the name and idea behind today’s you have two weeks and can win $1500.  What do you have to do, convince people to stop distracted driving? Do it by art, do it for living.
  • The Beautiful Minds Scholarship is here, if you have a 3.0 or better, and can write an essay about “Finding your purpose.”  You might find yourself $1000 richer.
  • Carbrain scholarship is today’s offer.  Name three ways artificial intelligence could change the automotive industry and you can win $1000 and buy a car.  Or whatever. Due April 1, no fooling.