School Supplies for Farmworker’s Kids


Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

As many of you know, it is fire season for California. There have been more than 2,000,000 acres burned. California is unprepared for this fire season because there aren’t enough firefighters and equipment. Many people are evacuating their homes during a pandemic. Most of California is on fire right now and the air quality is unhealthy for us to breathe but that isn’t stopping our farmworkers. They are working under these conditions to provide food for America. In return they only ask for school supplies for their children. 

A couple of students from Pinole Valley High School want to help our farmworkers and we ask you to join us into helping as well. We are working with the California Farmworker Foundation. All donations we get will be given to them and from there they will give it to the farmworkers we are helping. To learn more about them, go to 

Ways to Help

We will be putting donation bins at Tandoor, a local restaurant, and Pinole Middle School. Items you can donate are notebooks, pencils/pens, erasers, calculators, crayons/markers, gently used backpacks, reusable face cloth masks, etc. The drive goes through September 13th. 

If you aren’t able to stop by to donate there’s another way to help. We started a GoFundMe fundraiser. The link to the fundraiser is

Everything helps! Please help the people who work so hard so we can have food on our plates. We will keep you all updated.