The “Skull Breaker Challenge” explained and why you shouldn’t participate in it


ABC13 Houston

A new but dangerous challenge is gaining notoriety on TikTok dubbed the “Skull Breaker Challenge.”

John Rubino, Staff Writer

Over the past decade, many questionable challenges have been spawned by and gained popularity across various social media platforms. Some notable examples of these challenges include the cinnamon challenge, the Tide Pod challenge, and the outlet challenge, which are all just as risky as they sound.

With TikTok being as mainstream a social media platform as there is with today’s generation, many of these challenges tend to originate and manifest on that platform and then quickly gain traction as more and more people begin to hop on board.

The latest of these challenges is known as the “Skull Breaker Challenge” and, natch, it appears to have originated on TikTok. In case you aren’t already familiar with what this so-called “challenge” consists of, the premise is that two people deceive a third person into jumping into the air and then proceed to kick their legs and feet out from under them.

Due to being unable to catch their balance, unsuspecting victims of this challenge can sustain injuries ranging from severe concussions and fractures in the skull and neck to paralysis or even death.

Some notable victims of the “Skull Breaker challenge” include a thirteen-year-old student from Lawrence Massachusetts Middle School by the name of Kathleen DeJesus who spent two days in the hospital for a severe concussion and a fourteen-year-old student from Portland, Oregon who blacked out and suffered from an instant pressure headache and a concussion.

To any Spartans who are considering participating in this “challenge,” whether it is to grow your audience on TikTok or because you think it will be “funny,” I strongly advise that you avoid doing so because you could end up severely hurting yourself or somebody else. Not to mention the risk of death that is associated with participating in this “challenge!” Just don’t do it. It is not worth the “entertainment” nor the potential clout that you could gain from hopping on this trend.


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