Who are they? C213


Photo by Catherine Johnson

Mika Chisaki, Sonja Kaufman, Teresa Chow, Deborah Hayakawawing, Darlene Almeida, Colleen Peterson.

Jadeyn Wilson, Staff Writer

As you may know, we have some new people from the school district on our campus. They are taking over five of our classrooms to use as their offices. They are located at the ends of the second and third floors. Everyone is wondering who they are and where they came from, so a couple of other students and I decided to interview them and figure out why they are here. 

The first office we went to, there was a lady there who asked us to come later because the other people who work there were not there at the moment. So we decided to go to see if there were people in the other rooms, but most of them were empty. When we arrived at C213 there were many people there, and it seemed a little chaotic. They are still getting settled into their new office, so it was a little crazy in there. When we asked if we could interview them, they seemed very open to the idea and we talked to one of the main ladies. They are all teachers that go out to different schools and help students. She told us that they work with students with special needs in the district. Their offices differ in departments from deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired, etc. One of their offices is also a nurse department. They also have an area where they produce braille for visually impaired students.

They did not mention where their old office was, but she told us that their building was getting taken down, and they had nowhere else to go. We asked them what their thoughts were on the new school and they said, “it’s a lovely building … students are really pleasant to be around” After the interview, they said that they did not mind if we took a picture, so they all got together and took a picture.

Overall I think it was a good experience getting to talk to them, and they are very kind people. I think they will impact our campus in a positive way.