Richmond officer didn’t identify himself as police before deadly shooting


Ruben Alejo, Staff Writer

A very important and popular story has been circulating on local news stations about a Richmond police officer who didn’t identify himself as an officer while being off duty and it resulted in a deadly shooting. 

The incident began when two men exited their vehicles and got into an argument, one man being an off-duty Richmond Police Officer. The argument ended with the killing of Eric Reason, 39. The incident occurred Sunday, just before 5:30 pm along Fairground Drive in Vallejo.

A witness said it all happened on surveillance video, which is now under investigation by the local PD along with Vallejo Police Civil Rights attorney Melissa Nold, who is now representing the Reason family. 

Nold says,” We absolutely want the videos released immediately. They are maintaining that the incident happened a certain way when I heard multiple witnesses’ who claimed it happened a different way.” 

The off duty officer has been identified as Sgt. Virgil Thomas, an active RPD officer and a former School Resource Officer at Kennedy High School.