Hoco being postponed

Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

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The Homecoming Dance has been postponed again. According to Principal Kibby Kleiman, the reason is that, “with the football team making the playoffs (which we are so proud of), we figured the game was to be on the same Saturday that Homecoming Dance was going to be. We didn’t find out until the last minute that the game was going to be on Friday instead. If the football team wins this game, the Homecoming Dance will still be postponed. We want it to be on a Saturday where everyone can attend. We also need to secure a D.J. Due to the change of seasons, the Homecoming Dance will now be held inside the gym instead of outside. Students will still be able to buy tickets and get refunds. Since it is being postponed until after the football playoffs, it may just now be a winter theme.”