The Beginning of the End?

This diagram shows how the greenhouse effect causes climate change on Earth.

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This diagram shows how the greenhouse effect causes climate change on Earth.

Joshua Francisco, Staff Writer

The world we live in is changing right before our eyes and we are running out of time. Climate change is going to lead to drastic, unexpected changes that will alter the world as we know it. Greenhouse gases and deforestation are just some of the main causes of climate change. There are many more causes for climate change and something has to be done.

Pinole Valley students have some things to say about climate change. The students were asked some questions about climate change and here are some of their opinions on it. John Rubino, a student at Pinole Valley, said, “Its kind of scary” when asked how he felt about the topic, and others had similar responses as well. Another student, Catherine Johnson, states, “It is a very serious topic that needs to be talked about more.” Climate change is upon us and not a lot of people are doing much about it. Glendy Jimenez, another student at Pinole Valley, claims that, “… it’s real and that a lot of people are not taking it seriously… how are people with a lot of money telling the middle class to do more work when they are the one that has money. Period sis.” Awareness has to be enforced about climate change in any way possible. There are students a Pinole Valley that know the severity of the topic but need more information on what to do to help and how climate change works. Aaliyah Nappi said, “I know the basics of climate change but as a person, I don’t put my 100% into it.” Another student, Brenda Gallardo, said, “I don’t really know what to do to help,” which proves that awareness has to be enforced.

For the past few weeks, abnormally large fires have been occurring in California and it is affecting peoples’ lives greatly. People are suffering tremendously and yet there has not been any awareness being raised about climate change. There are two main components that global warming is influencing, and they are stronger winds and dryer vegetation. These conditions cause fires because of the wind knocking over power lines and the power lines sparking the dry vegetation. This leads to a small spark and it accumulates into dangerously large amounts of fire and the strong winds also help the fire spread at an alarmingly fast rate. Climate change is happening now and whether you believe it or not it will change everything.