Scholarships! 4th Week of September

Scholarships! 4th Week of September

Ana Soto Juarez, Scholarships Editor

Hello Spartans! Here are this week’s Scholarships:

  • First is the Voice of America audio essay contest if you can record a 3-5 minute essay on flash or audio CD on the subject “What Makes America Great”. You can win one of the $30,000 scholarships.  No joke. Hustle in today, seniors, and give this one a try. A good try for good money.
  • Next is the Jack Kent Cooke College Scholarship program. You can get up to $40,000 a year, and you can pursue any area of study.  You also get one-on-one advising services. You need to be a senior 3.5 or better and demonstrate financial need and get this in soon.
  • Last but not least is the Olin Teague Memorial scholarship. You must be a citizen, you must be a senior, you must be going to college next year and you must be interested in pursuing a career in aerospace.  Yes, you’ll need a transcript, a letter of recommendation, a statement of loving aerospace and a research paper, you can win an amazing scholarship.


  • We’re inviting students to participate in the Dia de Los art, essay and poetry contest.  Prizes will be given at the event. Please get an application with Mrs. Landeros office C131.