Bake Sale and Car Wash Success!

Ocean Conservation and the Girls’ Softball Team kick off the 2019-2020 school year with two exciting fundraisers!

Sara Molina, Staff Writer and Reporter


Our Spartans were raising money for their respective activities, with Ocean Conservation selling an abundance of baked goods, and the Girl’s Softball Team cleaning crusty cars. They were selling and cleaning right here at Pinole Valley High. You probably could’ve smelled their goods or heard the sounds of cars being cleaned.

Ocean Conservation’s booth was filled with baked goods, such as brownies, spiced white chocolate chip cookies, lemon white chocolate chip cookies, jumbo pumpkin streusel muffins, m&m cookies, cupcakes, and even little homemade apple pies! If your mouth watered while reading that, you should’ve gone to support our Spartans.

I bought quite a few of those cookies and brownies to take home for enjoyment later. My parents love the brownies, my sister loves the cookies, and I love the spiced white chocolate chip cookies so much that I’m eating them as I type this article up.

Right next to them was the Girls’ Softball Team. They had the speakers pumping with pop, getting their hands dirty while scrubbing the grime off the cars that came to get cleaned. Even with the sweltering sun under them, the Girls’ Softball Team really pulled their weight to earn money for their uniforms, with each and every person being focused on their respective tasks: either spraying down cars, thoroughly scrubbing at the car, drying the car down, or being one of the ones who was out by the intersection advertising.

Around 11, around 6 cars pulled up all at once, adding on to the 3 cars being washed and the 1 already in line. Yes, that’s a bunch of stress, but business was at its best!

Ocean Conservation Club was fundraising in order for their members to all have the matching club shirt; an oceanic inspired tie-dye with the logo in the front and a swirly turtle in the back. The Girls’ Softball Team was raising money for new jerseys; their old ones were worn out.

The front of our new school was very convenient for this fundraiser event, as the drop-off zone is one straight lane. Pulling up to the school, you’d first see Ocean Conservation’s booth, where you could (and should) get a sweet treat to eat. Then as you drive along to the car wash, where it’ll take some time for the Girls’ Softball Team to make your car sparkle, you eat your treat and wait for your car to become clean! What a well-thought of plan, right?

If you didn’t go this time, don’t be sad. There may be a possibility of a bake sale or a car wash happening again soon, right here at Pinole Valley High. Congrats to these 2 respective extracurriculars for taking the initiative and raising money!