Press Conference With Kibby Kleiman

This our principal Kibby Kleiman with his friends

This our principal Kibby Kleiman with his friends

Gurnoor Joshan, Lamar Johnson, Staff Writer

On September 17th. period 3 of Journalism interviewed our principal, Kibby Kleiman. The interview lasted the whole period. Almost the whole class had questions to ask, so he sat down and answered all of them.

What Did You Think About The New School?

Kibby: I like the new campus because it’s big and there’s a journalism class which makes me very happy, but I don’t enjoy being indoors that much. I enjoy being outdoor more on the old campus.

How Long Have You Been A Principal At Pinole Valley?

Kibby: Seven years.

What Kind Of Person Would You Describe Yourself As?

Kibby: I am a competitive person I like to win and compete against other people and he likes to be the best and improve himself.

What Do You Do During Your Free Time?

Kibby: I like hanging out with my friends. Especially their children.

How Do You Deal with Kids That Get in Trouble And Come To You?

Kibby: If someone gets in trouble I can’t just brush it off like it’ll be ok I have to interact with that child and give them a punishment for doing that wrong thing, and kick them from the community but also bring them back so they never do that mistake again.

What You Happy As A Principal?

Kibby: I like to see the children grow. I like to see them graduate and get into good colleges.

What’s Your Favorite Class in This School.

Kibby: My favorite class in this school is Journalism because back in the old campus they didn’t have journalism being a Journalist and writing down notes is so fun and what makes me happier is that there are kids that are willing to join Journalism class, it is also important to know what’s happening in your surroundings.

What Were You Before You Became A Principal?

Kibby: I sold shoes when I was in college.

What Club Were You In In High School?

Kibby: I was in the forensics club back in high school, we traveled and went to other schools.

What Did You Dress Up As For Your First Year As Principal?
Kibby: A wizard, and I had to deal with a teacher and a parent over something that happened.

Which Version Of PVHS Did You Like The Most 1st, 2nd, Or This One?

Kibby: I like his one because it has a Journalism class