Quarantine Interview with Elana Ignacio


Jessica Tran, Staff Writer

In this article I will be interviewing one of my fellow classmates, Elana Ignacio. I will ask her a few simple and short questions that will be about her mental health, how she’s dealing with the quarantine, and various other topics.

1. How are you doing? How has being quarantined affected you mentally and physically?

”For me I am doing pretty well during quarantine. Quarantine has affected me both mentally and physically. During this quarantine I have time to focus on my thoughts and health.”

2. Are you taking advantage of having much more time to do your online class work or have you been taking this time to relax for a while?

”To be honest I’ve been taking this time to just relax for a while but by doing that caused me to miss so many assignments but im working on it. Now I am taking advantage of having much more time to do my online work.”

3. Has your daily routine changed drastically or very little?

”My routine has changed a little. I am procrastinating way more and my sleep schedule is off the charts.”

4. What are you doing with all this spare time? How are you entertaining yourself so that you don’t get bored?

”In my spare time I am watching any asian drama, doing old hobbies, taking naps 24/7, and of course doing my homework which I try not to do at the last minute.”