It’s a New Decade!


Maralya Mendoza

The decade is finally over, ladies and gents! It’s officially 2020!

Much of my generation’s childhood is over, and everyone who was born in the early 2000s is or is close to 18 and moving forward with their lives. Who knows what’ll happen within the next decade? Some people will be married, others will be having kids and working. Others may be traveling the world. Some might still be in college, depending on their major and how many years they need to do. 

It’s weird to think about all this because none of us know what’s going to happen in our future. But it’s also exciting for some people because they’re ready to grow up and live their lives to the fullest.

Addrine Guillory, when asked how she felt about the decade ending and how she feels about her life moving forward, said. “I feel like I’m really growing up and–damn!–whatever happens happens.” 

I can understand where she’s coming from because I think a lot of people feel like they’re growing up now. As for whatever happens happens, I can agree with that too because none of us have very much control over our future. We have control over certain things like where we go to college and who we marry, but there’s so many other things can happen along the way that we can’t control. 

I think it’s both exciting and scary that we won’t really know what will happen. It’s exciting because anything can happen, like meeting our favorite celebrity! I would love to unexpectedly meet someone I look up to so much. But it’s also super scary because something bad could happen like a friend or family member passing away. Or an animal running away and not coming back.

Life is certainly something where you should expect the unexpected. Nothing is certain and you should live your life to the fullest. Go out and do what you want to do.