Spring Blood Drive–Success!

Hope Bonillas and Marissa Bonilla

With just a few weeks of preparation, another successful Blood Drive run by the American Red Cross was yet again brought to Pinole Valley High School. Thanks to the Health Academy Leadership, teachers, and volunteers, on March 27th, 2019 the American Red Cross was able to provide a well-set-up blood drive in the blue and gold rooms in just a couple of hours. With the help of Spartan pride, we received about 30 donations of blood to help those in need.

From seven in the morning until after school, registration was still occurring. Students were in and out of the rapid-pass room where they read agreements and completed paperwork in order to participate. After they finished, it was time for them to head on over to the next room where they patiently waited to be interviewed by the professional phlebotomists.

Requirements were discussed in order to make sure students were the best fit and health issues were not in the way of their donations. After being checked out, the students and adults that participated were ready to start giving blood, even if fear crosses their mind. Giving one pint of blood is a lot, but a huge thanks to those who donated two pints. Snacks were provided along with water to ensure that everyone was well taken care of after giving blood.

Overall, with the support from our school and the donors, we were able to help so many people. This is a very good organization that Pinole Valley High School hosts twice a year and we would just want to say thank you to everyone that was involved. We also encourage you to please donate next time and take advantage of this opportunity to help people.