4th Week of February Scholarships

This weeks scholarships that are available to Pinole Valley High School students.

Image created by Barbara Gonzalez.

This week’s scholarships that are available to Pinole Valley High School students.

Barbara Gonzalez, Staff Scholarships Editor

It’s the last week of February and border lining the beginning of March. There are two religious-themed scholarships and two simple scholarships that you can take advantage of. So here are this week’s scholarships:

  • There’s the Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship, which offers $250-$2000. The deadline is March 8th, so if you’re interested check out https://bjconline.org/contest/, for more details.
  • There is also a Christian College Scholarship Drawing offering up to $2,500 for students thinking about going to a Christian college university, or Bible-college. The deadline is May 31st, and all you have to do is apply once for a draft-like selection. Go to https://christianconnector.com/christiancollegesform.cfm?adref=fastweb, for more information.
  • There is also a Prom Pics Contest offering $250 for a high-resolution photo of your promposal and your prom night. Prom is coming up soon, so why not try to enter this for some quick cash, once you have those photos. Visit, https://savviformalwear.com/prom-pic-contest/, to apply.
  • Finally, there is a $5,000 Easy Scholarship: Collect Items for a Homeless Shelter. Just visit, https://www.dosomething.org/us/campaigns/supplies-sealed-delivered/action, and donate a bag of essentials to your local homeless shelter to be entered in the scholarship. You get to do some good, and potentially receive something in return.

Those are this week’s scholarships, and I hope one caught your eye, and apply to one of them. If one didn’t, that’s okay too, there are always opportunities out there. I hope all of you have a good week.