The Citizens of Pinole Have Spoken (Pinole Politics, Part 3)

Empty city council chambers–waiting for the action to start.

Annett Tamayo, William Amaya, Staff Political Writers

The time for campaigns is over! Promises were exchanged between the people and the candidates for the Pinole City Council, and on November 6th the people spoke through the ballot box. Anthony L. Tave, Vincent Salimi, and Norma Martinez-Rubin are Pinole’s newly elected City Council members.

Tave and Salimi campaigned extra hard in this election! They joined forces and went from door to door, talking to people, listening to their needs, and helping with finding solutions. This extra work and contact with the community paid off.

Salimi pushed for the reopening of Fire Station 74, which he views as an essential step for public safety. Hopefully, a success will come from this and Pinole will no longer be short-staffed and unable to get to emergencies quickly enough.

The last candidate who won her seat in the Pinole City Council,  Norma Rubin, put the community’s needs and wants before politics. She campaigned extremely hard as well.

Congratulations to all of the candidates! Spartan Ink hopes that Pinole will be in great hands and prosper for years to come under this new leadership!

Before the election, Spartan Ink endorsed Rafael Menis, a graduate of the University of Chicago. Sadly, he lost the race, but this is not the end of him. He will be back, colorful clothing and all. His bright ideas are much needed in this town, and we hope that next time we will all realize that.