Class of 2019 Takes Over the Track

Emma Lubinger, Annett Tamayo, Ryan Armstrong, Yassna Ahmadi, and Angela Espinoza, Staff Writers

A warm welcome was given to the seniors of Pinole Valley High School by their fellow classmates at the annual Spartan walk-in rally on the 1st day of school. With the help from our amazing cheer squad, organized leadership, and award-winning marching band, the students of 2019 were able to set the foundation for what school spirit is all about! Even though the rally was tailored to seniors, freshmen were drawn into the fun right away with music and an impressive dance act from Cornell and Shea Davis.

The excitement of the rally was tangible for incoming students such as Glendy Jimenez who said, “It was fun watching my friends walk in!” Indeed it must have been, as the band busted out the school’s Alma Mater, and the seniors marched out onto the track. Anait Aliaga, a junior, said, “The band was incredible!” As the rally continued, rally-runner Pastor Dave began calling students down from the stands to participate in a fun game of ring toss. Sophomore Ryan Tomas said, “I really enjoyed watching people throw the rings to get the gift cards!” After volunteers returned to their seats with prizes in hand, the cheerleaders gave a wonderful performance to the tune of ‘Rolex’ by Ayo and Teo.

The rally concluded with the traditional class chants, won by the seniors, leaving them emotional and pumped for what’s to come. One senior, Gina Gallia, said, “I thought the rally was better than all the other walk-in rallies because being a senior made it surreal and I realized that our high school experience is coming to an end.” Overall the rally was a huge success and a great start to the new school year. A huge thank you to everyone involved. And that’s how we roll in Pinole on August 20, 2018.