Robotics: The Return!

Corey Williams, Staff Writer

Robotics is back! After the long hiatus Robotics has finally returned. If some of you are wondering what happened to Robotics, the meetings were postponed until the start of the PIE Competition, which starts in March. In Robotics we design robots, build robots, and code robots for the good of the community and the school itself. Last year, we designed a drone which would run passes, the drone would have replaced human office runners who were then banned.  We were making plans for acquiring materials for the drone but we became preoccupied with the PIE Competition. The PIE Competition is a very fun and interesting event which the Robotics club participates in, but more on that in the next article. If you are interested in Robotics meetings are now starting on Thursdays, afterschool in room 34. I can assure you, being in Robotics will be a fun experience. Hopefully we’ll see you there!