WE Science’s First 17-18 Outreach Coming Soon!

Wednesday (12/6/17) @ Stewart Elementary, Starting at 5:00 PM


Michael Aeschbacher, Web Editor

If a night of cool science, great displays, and overall fun seems appealing to you, then WE Science of PVHS has you covered.

WE Science is one of the larger clubs at our school, and also handles events related to MESA and Pi.  While the last two groups are optional, all members of the main club are expected to participate in outreaches.

During an outreach, WE Science heads to a local elementary school and sets up into several groups. Each group will present attendees with a unique, eye-catching science experiment. Not only are these fun to watch and interact with, but members will explain a detailed procedure for every experiment, as well as the scientific principles that lie within. The club hopes that this will show young onlookers just how awesome science is, and inspire them to make their own discoveries at home.

This Wednesday, Stewart Elementary will host WE Science’s first outreach of the 2017-2018 school year. About 60 of the club’s members will be on hand (in Christmas-themed attire) to present 8 experiments to the crowd. Club president Tristan Kelly has high hopes for the event, and believes it will set the tone for the rest of the year.

The event starts at 5:00 after school, and will run for at least three hours. Be sure to stop by you are sure to find something of interest bubbling up