Guatemala Will Be Closed


Heidi Mauricio, Staff Writer

Guatemala is now closed as of May 15, 2020. On May 14  there were 170 new cases of COVID-19. So President Alejandro Giammattei decided to close for the weekend. There is not going to be any transportation at all. People will have to walk to go anywhere. They are not going to work for today and the weekend. 

They will be able to go out from 7 to 11 am. Liquor stores will be open, farmers markets, and grocery stores will not be. Which will be hard. People there tend to buy for that day. Not for the week or the next. Unlike here people are rich enough to buy enough for a few weeks. Guatemalans we buy from tortierias, which are people who make fresh tortillas. Guatemalans buy them every day for lunch and dinner because it is something that everyone can afford. It’s the most basic and cultural food there. 

Panaderia’s will lose quite some money. Most of the bread comes on Friday or Thursday. The food will go bad and they will lose money. Sweetbread is breakfast there. A pan dulce with coffee. Sometimes for dinner too. Because it’s cheap and it’s what the people can afford.