Humans of Pinole Valley: Lizbeth Berumen


Lizbeth Berumen is a junior at Pinole Valley High School.

Lizbeth Berumen, Guest Contributor

“I don’t feel productive throughout the day. There hasn’t been much to do except find stuff to clean. There are no activities that I can do. We don’t really have board games or puzzles or books. I’ve been baking more recently to pass time because it takes a while. It feels like summer without being able to go out. I stay at home taking care of my 9-year-old sister while my parents and brother are at work. We have to be extra careful and clean a lot more because my mom works at a hospital and my dad and brother are working for cities. Psychologically I have had changes. I never realized how much germs are actually spread now that everyone is disinfecting things more. I also took my freedom of being able to go out for granted. Now that I am stuck at home, I didn’t realize how much I left the house whether it was to get groceries, visit family, go shopping, play games, etc. Now looking at the future I don’t feel at ease knowing that the virus will always be there. It’s going to feel different after this passes, as if it’s wrong to be out or to touch things. People are still going to be cautious.”