Humans of Pinole Valley: Heidi Mauricio


Heidi Mauricio is a junior at Pinole Valley High School.

Heidi Mauricio, Staff Writer

“I no longer take the little things for granted. I want to go outside now. I want to be able to feel the sun on my face. I used to hate foggy weather because it forbade me on seeing the sun clearly. I’m from LA and it’s always sunny there. I have the sun to feel there. But now when this is all over I think I am going to be able to stand foggy weather. When going out with friends I would only sometimes go. We would make plans and when the time came for those plans I usually didn’t end up going. My mom used to ask me if I wanted to go with her to go grocery shopping and almost everytime I would say no because I just wanted to stay home. I no longer do because I have been stuck with my family for a month now and I think that it is making me go a little mad!”