Humans of Pinole Valley: Edwin Zarza


Edwin Zarza is a junior at Pinole Valley High School.

Edwin Zarza, Guest Contributor

“When the virus got to the U.S I saw it as something that was being made up, it didn’t exist to me. Eventually, the virus spread to many areas of the country, even to two close family friends. They were put in the hospital immediately. That same week we got the news that everyone was to remain at home in quarantine. As time passed, quarantine went from three weeks to a month to two months and then it just grew more. During the first month, I spent my time working to help my family and because of this, I started to fall back on my classwork. One month later one of the family friends that caught the coronavirus got his life taken away. Until that day I believed Covid was just a made-up virus to scare everyone and for stores to make a lot of money by having everyone scared of not being allowed out. I would be going to work and there were just so many people out in the streets of SF that I just thought they were fooling us. Now that our friend has passed away, I see this as a real issue and I now see coronavirus as a monster coming after everyone it can reach. Now it hasn’t made a big change in how I see my future because for a while I’ve had in my head that at any moment God can take my life away and I have to be prepared for that. As of now, I can plan for my future, believe I’m going to be what I want to be, but if that’s not part of God’s plan then it’s okay because life is about always wanting to be someone better and each day we all grow to be better hoping we all get to where we want to in life.”