Humans of Pinole Valley: Isabel Castaneda


Isabel Castaneda is a senior at Pinole Valley High School.

Isabel Castaneda, Guest Contributor

“The quarantine has made me become very sad and not motivated. For me, having a routine helps me go day by day. Being stuck at home has encouraged me to have deep conversations with my family which I am super grateful for. I’ve learned things that I hadn’t known about my family before. Taking everyone’s feelings into consideration is very important during a time like this especially when you are spending hours of the day with them. I work at an essential business, Starbucks, so I do go to work and that honestly helps me distract myself from being sad and in my feelings. I pray to God every day for courage and motivation for myself to get up and be productive. I’ve learned that no matter what circumstances I am in, I must help myself to not be discouraged. I know life will go back to normal one day and I can’t wait for the day. The one thing this pandemic has taken away from me is the last moments of my senior year which I won’t be able to get back but I am ready for the future.”