25 Things To Do While In Self-Quarantine



Stay home when possible for your own sake and for the safety of those around you!

John Rubino, Staff Writer

Greetings, fellow Spartans! With many schools, including all WCCUSD schools, being closed in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it’s expected that many students are voluntarily remaining indoors (also known as self-quarantining) during this period in time until the coast is clear (however long that will be).

If you get bored easily being indoors for long periods of time, don’t fret for I have compiled a huge list of activities that you all can participate in while being in self-quarantine!

1: Complete any work that your teachers assign online in the coming weeks!

2: Listen to your favorite music.

3: Do some physical exercises, such as walking and dancing.

4: Play your favorite video games, preferably with friends if possible!

5: Cater to your pets (if you have any) and shower them with love!

6: Do chores, such as washing dishes and taking out the trash.

7: Chat with your friends online over the phone or through Discord.

8: Post to your favorite social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.

9: Take care of your personal hygiene! Wash your hands and shower regularly.

10: Host your own events that friends can participate in using a form of media that you enjoy consuming (Animal Crossing: New Horizons called!)

11: Watch your favorite TV shows.

12: Watch a movie that you watched previously or watch something new.

13: Create some drawings or sketches. Unleash your inner artist!

14: Read about history online.

15: Talk to your family about whatever comes to mind!

16: Keep your house tidy and clean! Keep your room organized as best as possible.

17: Keep yourself nourished.

18: Do an art project for fun!

19: Practice some meditation, especially if you are feeling stressed and/or anxious.

20: Download Duolingo on your phone and practice learning a foreign language!

21: Write some stories and let your imagination flow!

22: Bake some scrumptious meals, such as chocolate chip cookies.

23: Listen to some new music that you aren’t familiar with.

24: Get as much sleep as possible to heal your body and alleviate any negative thoughts you are having.

25: Keep learning!

With the United States having more confirmed cases of the Coronavirus than any other country, it is very important that you self-quarantine when possible to decrease your chances of catching it from someone who is infected or spreading it to other people. Stay safe, Spartans! Take care of yourselves and those around you.