Humans of Pinole Valley: Michael Amaya


Photo by Spartan Ink.

Michael Amaya, Class of 2020, Pinole Valley High School

“I got inspired by my sister and my friend William Scott. He made a Kakashi Sensei drawing where he’s summoning a jutsu. She made this drawing- it was just a simple drawing- but it says “Michael’s Room” and it’s very colorful. She blended the colors. I still have it on the door of my room. Nowadays, I look at it, and I can tell where she messed up, but that’s okay. It’s old, but it’s still inspiring. That’s some good coloring right there. I wanna be that good. 9th grade is where it kicked in. I learned some techniques along the way from freshman year to senior year. Blending hair, hands- I used to struggle with hands- and feet as well. I’ll draw from time to time, here and there. Just slap 2 things together and boom, it’s a drawing. Think of like a person and a teacup, draw the person and the teacup. That’s what I just did in Ms. Brady’s class. Another drawing I did in Ms. Brady’s class was me sleeping. There’s a desk, and there’s a kid sitting down and he has his head down. He’s sleeping in a nightgown type of thing, like pajamas, with stars. And there’s some, I don’t know, ooze coming from the ground and shooting upwards, kinda. There’s a guy sleeping on the bed, since I wished I was on my bed at that time. If I sleep on my desk I hurt my back. But I fell asleep anyways. My favorite piece was the Spartan one I drew for Kibby. There’s a Spartan sitting on a cliff, he’s picking out flowers, and there’s arrows all around. I wish I could do better, but still. I love that people can look at it and be like and be like, ‘hey, that looks like it has meaning’. I very much adore that. It’s in Kibby’s office. It’s hanging on his wall, and it’s dope. I like that. I know it was in the art show. The more creativity, the more people will get inspired by, you feel me? My work is usually inspired by other people like QinniArt… I love Qinni’s art, so peaceful. You see all the stars and stuff. So that inspires my work a little bit, makes me want to do better. And so someday, I would like to pass on the torch to somebody, how I saw someone’s art, and they’ll be like ‘oh, dang, that’s some pretty good art right there. I want to draw the same thing that that person draws’”