Humans of Pinole Valley: Olivia Lubinger


Photo by PVHS student.

Olivia Lubinger, center between two friends, is a sophomore at Pinole Valley High School.

Olivia Lubinger is a sophomore at Pinole Valley High School. She was recently interviewed by Spartan Ink reporter Glendy Jimenez for the latest installment of the “Humans of Pinole Valley” series.

“I think about how fortunate I am to have an opportunity to get an education. I want to be able to support myself and have the chance to take care of the people who have always taken care of me. I’m completely surrounded by supportive people, my mom, my boyfriend Jayden, my friends, all are incredibly hard working. It’s hard not to feel motivated around people who are always doing the most that they can. The only goal I have for sure is to go to college. Where and what I want to study I’m unsure of. I really wanted to be a PT but being so young I feel like the world is mine and I don’t want to be too narrow-minded.  It can be really hard making time, during the beginning of Waterpolo season I spent no time with my boyfriend or friends, and it took a toll on my motivation. Eventually, you will find your balance, but you have to remember that you are a priority, never put yourself last. I would say my biggest accomplishment is never giving up. When classes get hard, tests get confusing, life gets stressful, I always remind myself that as long as I’m doing the best I can I’m doing enough. Jayden and all my friends even the ones not at PV make me really happy when together I never stop laughing. In my free time, I like to read and skate along the bay. Something people should know about me is even if we don’t know each other I always am available to talk to if you need me.”