Bad Bunny Reveals Information About His Upcoming Album


Heidi Mauricio, Staff Writer

Bad Bunny's Track List
Bad Bunny’s Track List

Bad Bunny is coming out with a new album and we are ready. The Latin trap and reggaeton artist is started in the Latin artist business in 2016 when his song Diles came out and became a notable single. He came out with his first solo album X 100pre in 2018. This will be his second solo album.

On Instagram February 11, 2020, he posted a picture of himself is disguised with big glasses, a bob cute wig, and a thing covering his mouth. He captioned it “Adivina quien es y te digo cuando sale el ÁlBUM,” which translates to, “Guess who it is and I’ll tell you when the album comes out.”

For months, Bad Bunny has been teasing his fans about the album. On Twitter and Instagram, he has been posting little things about it. Revealing that it is coming and fans would sadly have to wait. But not anymore!

As of last night, we know a lot about the album that is coming. Bad Bunny last night posted on his Instagram story saying that this evening he is going to give out the details about the album. 

  He released all of these details last night on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. He revealed that the album is called “Yo Hago Lo Que Da La Gana”, which translates to ‘I do what I want.’ The album is an LP (a long-playing record) with 20 tracks. 20! The album will be released on February 29 at 12 am, which is tomorrow! I would definitely recommend listening to it when it comes out and to check out his merch too!