My Unpopular Opinion: Demon Days is one of the best albums of all time


Kevin Ruano Hernandez, Staff Writer

As we’re staying home for quarantine, we are open to free time and relaxation. For me, relaxing consists of making Art, reading my favorite books, and listening to new music. I looked back and reminisced on one of my favorite albums of all time: Demon Days by the Gorillaz, released in 2005. Gorillaz, a virtual band created by the lead singer of the band Blur, Damon Albarn, and artist of Tank Girl Jamie Hewlett. The animated band consists of 2-D for vocals and keyboard, Murdoc Niccals for bass, Noodle for backup vocals and guitar, and Russel for drums. 

Demon Days is about various global issues such as pollution, war, paranoia, climate change, alcohol, and much more. Demon Days paints a picture of a world that is brought down hopelessly. Unlike other artists such as Childish Gambino or Beyonce, who address their problems in a literal way, Demon Days uses abstract lyrics that cause the listener to make them think. Around this time, the 9/11 attacks happened, childhood was no longer a thing, and freedom became violence and destruction. All of us now have to face violence in every corner, whether it is in education, politically, terrorism, or environmentally. As we continue to live in 2020, we see the picture Demon Days paints, a world that is full of violence and on the edge of falling down into an endless nightmare. 

I feel that this is one of the best albums of all time because it paints a world that we live in now. Though the majority of the tracklist talks about horrible issues, the last track “Demon Days” gives us one last message: even though times are tough, it’s never too late to turn things around. So I began to believe in our youth, our generation to be able to reach out and make better proactive solutions and stop the worsening.

Overall my top 5 favorite tracks of this album are: Good Feel Inc., El Manana, Don’t Get Lost in Heaven, and November Has Come