A Little Cringe With Lily Singh


Lamar Johnson, Staff Writer

This television show is terrible and I don’t know why it’s still on the air. It’s been on the air for a couple of months now and honestly, I think it was supposed to be a joke until it first aired on September 16, 2019.

The television show’s host Lilly Singh who first became famous on YouTube for comedy sketches and her insane and over the top characters. She first appeared in October of 2010.

This show is cringe-worthy is because of the writing/scripting of the comedy segments. The interview segments are okay, but she pays attention to one interviewee and forgets about the other one. Even if she doesn’t completely forget about the other person, by the time she gets to them the show would be out of time.

The comedy just sucks. The timing is wrong is hard to tell if she commenting or joking. She steals jokes and most of them have something to do about someone’s sexuality or skin color. Also, she seems to not resist letting everyone know she is bisexual and is colored. She even calls herself the first colored female to have a talk show even though Oprah, Queen Latifah, Tyra Banks, and I’m sure more have had their talk shows in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Some of them still have their shows today.

Right now there is speculation that her show might get canceled since NBC hasn’t confirmed a second season yet. The only thing I like about the show is the YouTube Channel which has all the shows episodes on it. The comment section is hilarious, making jokes about her, especially when she was dancing to hate comments and everybody was trying to get everybody to shut up in the audience because they wanted to hear their comment.

Lily Singh justs need to quit her show and go back to the platform that made her famous in the first place because it isn’t working and she is losing a lot of fans.

P.S. Oprah Falls XD