Death Note One Shot: Wanna know why the weebs going crazy…. read below


Helloooo Spartans and all my Death Note fans. If you are a fan of Death Note then you know about the one-shot that came out on Feb 3rd. The new Death Note: Special One shot is a reboot of the well-known Death Note manga/anime that is loved by many anime fans. Also Spoilers!!

    Minoru Tanaka The story starts with our main character Minoru Tanaka sitting in his room relaxing when Ryuk the infamous shinigami rises from the floor and approaches our vigilante, he taps his head with the Death Note and to our surprised Minoru gets his memories back of the death note. We learn that two years ago Minoru met Ryuk and made a plan but he had to think it over so, he told him to return in two years. The story is set 10 years after Light Yagami (aka first Kira) as had the Death Note and been alive and active. 

Minoru takes a different approach with the death note. Instead of killing people he sells it to the U.S and gets Japanese citizens their money back. So, you guys remember those Trump as Kira memes yeah, it comes true for a bit. The plan went well and even Ryuk was impressed. It sucks because in the end the Shinigami King makes a new rule so that if you sell the Death Note you’ll die while getting your money. If Minoru didn’t tell Ryuk to never return to him after giving Trump the Death Note he could have lived. 

We give the one-shot a 10/10 because it was really good and it gave us a different person who had all this power and use it for actual good. I hope we get more one-shots like this from Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata.