Humans of Pinole: Ryu Credito


Photo by Cross Country Team coach.

Ryu Credito is a multi-talented senior at Pinole Valley High School.

Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

“My family motivates me the most. My parents especially. They motivate me to work hard so I can provide for them in the future. I want to buy them a house when I’m older. They are my inspiration and teach me a lot of things. My favorite part of high school is hanging out with friends and doing sports. Something I admire about Pinole Valley is the sports and community at the school. Our sports have been dominant the years I have been at Pinole Valley. The environment here is nice but if I was being honest, I do miss the portables. I spent most of my high school in the portables and the experience was worthwhile, everyone knew each other. I’ve played basketball, cross country, baseball and have done track and field for PV. I hardly get sleep and I’m always tired since I work, go to school, and do many extracurriculars but I try to rest when I can. I’m a pretty busy guy. Playing video games with my friends and playing sports make me happy. Thrifting and dogs do as well. My daughter (baby sister) is someone who brightens my day. My goal for this year is to become the next Hokage. I want to make $50,000 off gaming this year and gain more audience on my social media. By gaming, I have made over $3,700 in the last two months just by playing Fornite.”