Anything is Possible: Amara Rodriguez

Amara Rodriguez

Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

Amara Rodriguez is an outstanding 4.0 student-athlete from PVHS. Amara does mix martial arts and is a Pinole Valley varsity cheerleader. She has been doing martial arts for two years and got into martial arts because she wanted to learn how to defend herself. Initially, she was just going to try it out but slowly ended up liking it. She wanted to try out cheer because her mother and aunt were both cheerleaders. Her aunt was even a cheer captain in her high school. 

Amara is a 2x JiuJitsu World League Champion in her division. She worked her way up in being a 2x champion by putting in countless hours of training and hard work. Dedication and goods sportsmanship helped Amara a lot. Before competing Amara warms up by repping what she has learned in class continuously. She also does cardio work to get her heart rate up and adrenaline going. Taking a couple of deep breaths and thinking positive is how she calms herself down before competing.  

Using her time wisely and not procrastinating is how she maintains school, cheer, martial arts, and social life. She gets her work done on time. Her extracurricular activities are what keeps her happy and being with the people she loves. In her free time, she normally goes out with her family or family friends. She advantage of the weekends to relax.

Her motivation is the ending results. Her thinking positively and how happy she will be knowing that she accomplished her goal motivates her. Amara is a great example of an outstanding student-athlete. She juggles many things and still manages to achieve all her goals. She is very inspiring and proves anything is possible!