Bad Boys For Life


Carter Smith, Staff Writer

Bad Boys For Life: 

This movie was a sequel to Bad Boys 2 in the Bad Boys franchise and a great one at that. It’s an action comedy film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence(Bad Boys). The film is about the detectives Mike Lowrey(Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett(Laurence) reuniting once again when an assassin starts murdering people involved in an old case. At the beginning of the movie, Marcus goes to see his newly born grandson and tells Mike his plans to retire.

Mike is not happy because of their pact “Bad Boys For Life”. After a celebration party for Marcus’ grandson, Mike is shot by an assassin named Armando. Armando helped his mother Isabel Aretas escape from prison. Armando was sent by Isabel to assassinate all of those responsible including Mike, for the shutting down of the Aretas cartel run by her and her husband Benito, who died in prison. While Mike is recovering from his shooting, Armando proceeds to kill everyone else who was involved in the case. Mike asks Marcus to help him in catching the assassin that killed Mike’s pride, but Marcus decides to retire, as after Mike’s near death, Marcus prayed to God that if Mike survives he will never turn to violence again. This causes fallout between the two.

Mike eventually learns the identity of the arms dealer who sold the ammunition used in his assassination attempt, Booker Grassie. Captain Howard brings Mike as a consultant into the tech-driven Advanced Miami Metro Operations(AMMO) led by Mike’s ex-girlfriend Rita. The team goes to a business deal Grassie is holding to obtain evidence to bring him in, but when Mike sees that the buyers are attempting to kill Grassie, Mike attempts but fails to save him. After that Marcus receives a call from an old informant Carver Remy, warning him that everyone who had been protected him had been assassinated and asks for help. Marcus goes to pick up Mike to go to Carver’s home only to see him thrown out and killed.

Mike fights Armando and seems to recognize his eyes before Armando escapes. Later, Captain Howard tells Mike it may be time for him to retire as well before he gets himself killed. Later, Howard is killed by Armando with a sniper rifle. After the captain’s funeral, Marcus decides to help Mike one more time. Marcus calls for the help of AMMO to track down Grassie’s accountant to find who has sold the ammunition.

Marcus has identified the key suspect as Lorenzo “Zway-Lo” Rodriguez, someone Marcus used to coach basketball. They crash a birthday party for Zway-Lo, but Zway-Lo flees. Mike, Marcus, and AMMO give chase but are halted by Armando on a helicopter over the bridge. Armando kills Zway-Lo to get to Mike. Before trying to kill him, Armando says “Hasta el fuego.” Marcus stops Armando’s gunfire and Mike jumps into the river to escape.

As AMMO is about to be shut down due to their recent failure, Mike explains to Marcus in private that Armando may be his biological son; Before he and Marcus were partners, he was recruited by Captain Howard out of the academy to infiltrate the Aretas cartel. Being deep undercover, he had an affair with Isabel, which led to the birth of Armando as Benito was sterile, and they used to say “Hasta el fuego” to each other. Despite promising to flee with her, Mike had her arrested as well as Benito knowing how dangerous she was. All of the previous victims killed by Armando were working on the same case.

Mike goes to Mexico City to confront her alone, but Marcus and AMMO accompanied him for backup. At the Hidalgo Palace, Mike argues with Isabel for not telling the truth about his father and for raising him to be an assassin. A shootout occurs between AMMO and Isabel’s henchmen which ends when Marcus shoots the pilot of Isabel’s getaway helicopter, causing it to crash into the building setting it ablaze. While Marcus incapacitates Isabel, Mike confronts Armando to try to convince him that he is his father.

Armando doesn’t believe him until Mike asks Isabel to confirm it. Isabel shoots at Mike but hits Armando instead, which causes Rita to kill Isabel. They all escape the burning building where Mike tells Armando that he has to pay for his crimes, but he will be there for him. Later, Rita is named the new police captain and Mike and Marcus are placed in charge of AMMO. In the end, Mike visits Armando requesting that he help on a case in exchange for reducing his prison sentence. Overall, I rate this movie a 10/10.