Spirit Week: Holiday Edition

The last thing at Pinole Valley in 2019 was the second spirit week. The school was decorated to build up that holiday feeling, but you know what gives the finishing touches? The students! Here’s how students dressed up the last week before winter break.

12/16 Pajama Day Nothing screams more holiday than being curled up in your pjs, keeping warm in your house by a fire

12/17 Ugly Sweater Day Ugly Sweaters are a staple of the Holiday Season! Nobody knows why- they just are

12/18 Flannels and Fuzzy Socks Flannels for the lumberjack aspect of the holidays, and fuzzy socks because you don’t want your feet to freeze in the cold.

12/19 Holiday Gear This includes Santa Hats, Christmas Lights wound around your neck, and a multitude of other Holiday- themed gear

12/20 Underclassmen, Upperclassmen, and Staff Color War Freshman and Sophomores were seen in green, Juniors and Seniors were said to show up in red, and Staff were eyed in white