Humans Of Pinole Valley: Badminton Edition

Badminton is a sport that is played by using racquets to shoot a shuttlecock across a net. This type of sports requires stamina, strength, and agility. Like many other sports, badminton can be used as a distraction to get away from your current problems for a while or it could be a fun activity that you enjoy. I asked a few students on the Pinole Valley High School badminton team about their opinions on badminton and here are their answers.

Simran Gurung (left), Freshman and Alyssa Delacruz (right), Freshman

“I played badminton from an early age and I often played with my mother and friends. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about how you play and how hard you’ve played. In middle school I only had one friend to play badminton with, even if it was just the two of us, it was fun. When I played with my friend, I learned how fun and exciting badminton was. The reason I play badminton is because of my mom. It’s not like she forced me to. She earned lots of rewards and I want to get more rewards and get trophies and have something to be proud of.” – Alyssa Delacruz 

“Badminton is like a fun sport to me, it makes me happy because it’s fun and helps me to get away from my current problems.” – Simran Gurung

Lawrence Bay, Junior


“I play badminton because it is a challenging sport that keeps me physically and mentally active at the same time. My love for badminton comes from watching Lee Chong Wei videos from YouTube. The way he moved across the court and controlled the path of the game was hypnotizing to me. He’s part of what inspired me to play badminton. Another thing I love about badminton is how it keeps me in shape during football offseason by forcing me to run, build stamina, and helps with my ability to focus on a sport.” – Lawrence Bay

Shelby Burrow, Freshman


“It’s a really fun sport, it makes me really happy and it gives me something to do. Badminton has been with me since day one, it’s so fun. I prefer tennis but badminton is pretty cool.” -Shelby Burrow