Katy Perry’s “Cozy Little Christmas” is a holiday treat

John Rubino, Staff Writer

Katy Perry has gotten into the Christmas spirit with the release of her music video for her holiday single ‘Cozy Little Christmas’!

Despite the recent release of the music video on December 2, 2019, the song itself was originally released exclusively on the music streaming platform Amazon Music on November 15, 2018 and was universally released on November 1, 2019.

Cozy Little Christmas was written about Katy Perry’s time spent with her family in Copenhagen for the holiday, and the lyrics talk about needing love as opposed to gifts.

This music video has plenty of festive and humorous moments sprinkled throughout. This is indicated by the thumbnail that was used for the music video, which showcases Katy Perry holding a cup of eggnog while also having numerous Christmas ornaments attached to her hair.

Throughout the course of the music video, Katy Perry is decked out in festive white and red clothes to match the festive theme of the music video. During the beginning of the music video, the man in red himself can also be seen, disrobing and switching into casual Hawaiian attire.

Katy Perry and Santa Claus are later seen being given massages by a reindeer (presumably Rudolph).

Katy Perry is also seen laying in a life-sized glass full of milk in a room consisting of a red and white color scheme to, of course, represent candy canes! Even Katy herself is wearing a red and white striped body suit, which is also a representation of candy canes! Not to mention the fact there is a huge candy cane hanging off of the side of the life-sized glass cup Katy is sitting in.

The music video ends with Katy Perry and Santa Claus dancing together in front of the Christmas tree.

Overall, this song along with its music video make for a great song to listen to during the holiday season! If you are looking for a modern-day song to help yourself get into the season to be jolly, this song is for you!

If you’re curious as to how the music video for “Cozy Little Christmas” was created, there was a “Behind The Scenes” video onto Katy Perry’s official YouTube channel less than a week ago showcasing the entire process behind the production of the music video, which can be viewed here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlIsQSwbnBo


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