YouTube Rewind 2019 was Terrible…again


Maralya Mendoza, Staff Writer

YouTube Rewind 2019 came out this year on December 5th and, well, everyone didn’t really like it…again. 

It started out with YouTubers reacting and talking about how bad last year’s rewind was and how it was awkward and just bad in general. YouTube then said that they saw that rewind 2018 was terrible, so they showed the things that viewers liked the most out of the year. When I first started watching it, I thought it would be like the old rewinds and would actually be good, but it slowly turned into a countdown type of video.

It showcased the most viewed video of the year, the most liked video, the top five most viewed and played video games of the year and the top content creators. There was plenty more that was shown, but people only really wanted to hear about these topics. The rewind was a little better than 2018’s rewind, but people still didn’t like it because it didn’t seem like a rewind at all. It felt more like a Watch Mojo video. 

Watch Mojo is a channel dedicated to counting down the top 10 anything. They go from video games to TV show episodes. That’s why 2019 rewind felt like that and not an actual rewind. So far, the video has 60 million views, 2.9 million likes, and 7.2 million dislikes. That’s not close to 2018’s ratio though. 2018’s rewind has 192 million views, 2.7 million likes, and 17 million dislikes. That makes it Youtube’s most disliked video of all time which is kind of sad since YouTube itself made the video. A lot of people did appreciate that they included people they wanted to see and didn’t include people from other non-YouTube platforms. For example,  Ninja from Twitch Tv, and some Twitch streamers in general. Last year, people were upset that people who didn’t make content on YouTube were in YouTube’s rewind. 

Junior Addrine Guillory said, “It was horrible. If I wanted to see a countdown of videos, I would watch Watch Mojo. And they were very passive-aggressive about how last year’s was the most disliked one.”

Overall, few people liked it (again) because it was just a countdown type of video.