Culinary Club Makes Apple Pie


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Imagine yourself eating a sweet slice of apple pie, then come join The Culinary Club.

The Culinary Club had a meeting on Tuesday. During the meeting, we were taught how to make apple pies. Then we made some!

First, we were texted to bring apples from lunch or from home. When we got there we got the other ingredients such as all-purpose flour, cinnamon, sugar, salt, butter and more. We sliced butter and the apples into little squares. We also put the butter and other dry ingredients into a bowl and mixed them.

Then we added cinnamon to the apples and cooked it on a pan. We then took the bowl with dry ingredients because it was ready to turn into dough. We got a pan to mold the dough and we poured the sliced apples into it. We used the remaining dough to place thin strips of it on top of the pie.

We put the pie in the oven and after it was done, we sliced it and tried it. Even though it took a while to make, it was worth it because it was delicious. If you want to make food like apple pie, then come and join The Culinary Club.