Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Natalie Elischer, Staff Writer


Happy Death Day Review




The trailers promoting this movie used 50 Cent’s “In da club”. It was in the majority of the promotional videos so it was a little disappointing that there was nothing in the movie. If you’re going to this movie for some good 50 Cent jams save your money. Other than that, I don’t even remember the soundtrack other than Tree’s ringtone. Not bad, not great.





This movie was presented as a horror, but it came out more of an action comedy with some suspense scenes and a few jump scares. Unless you were really hoping to leave the theater fearing for your life, this wasn’t really a bad thing. This movie is a culmination of comedy, romance, and mystery. I do admit to a few jump scares got the best of me, though.






This movie is Groundhog Day with murder, but it’s aware of that fact and owns it. You find yourself not really caring because they pulled it off pretty well. The mystery isn’t predictable and it’s engaging. For the most part the ending is satisfactory, but open enough to make room for a sequel. Good stuff.





Happy Death Day is a great example of writers succeeding in making the audience care about the characters. For the most part, the leading actors are pretty strong. The antagonist’s motive is somewhat believable and everyone has a pretty good dynamic. Definitely got some Mean Girls vibes.





This movie wasn’t anything special, but it was well written, well produced, well shot, and well edited. It’s enjoyable, and I’m not mad about it. This isn’t something you have to rush out to see but if you want to have a good time for an hour and thirty six minutes, here’s your opportunity.