Dia De Los Muertos in Los Angeles

Natalie Ochoa, Staff Writer


On November 2nd, my family and I went to a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival in Los Angeles. It was so beautiful. At the festival, they had different kinds of altars. Here at Pinole, we had a beautiful altar where students made art pieces and other things to put on the altar. In Los Angeles, a  bunch of people would make different kinds of altars for their loved ones and decorate them with photos and things that their loved ones liked. At the LA festival, people dressed up like skeletons and painted their faces like sugar skulls. Some people made their own costumes and went all out, and they looked so amazing. One family dressed up as the family from “Coco”. For each festival, they have different animals/props that they decorate with. This year they decorated with “The Monarch Butterfly”. They also had performances like dancers and different bands and singers. The food was pretty good. They had different kinds of Mexican food and drinks. I had tacos, but they had other things like burritos, tamales, and tortas. I really liked this event; it meant a lot to me because every year my family and I go to the cemetery and go to my brother’s grave and just hang out there and talk about things. It put me in a great mood because seeing how other people would go all out for their loved ones was so amazing.