PV Haunted House !


Two of the PVHS students who put the Haunted House together.

Maralya Mendoza, Staff Writer

The PV Haunted House happened this year!!

It went on from the 30th of October to the 1st of November. A lot of people worked hard on it this year. The spooks and scares are more intense so I hope you were prepared to get scared! This year they worked on it for about four to five days before the first day they let people into it!

And all that time honestly completely paid off for the haunted house. It looked amazing and everyone that went through said that they had a great time and that they did get scared at one point or another.

If you went into the haunted house on any of those dates then I’m sure you had fun! And if you didn’t then you missed out big time. Daniel, one of the workers, said that it was fun to work on and he became closer friends with everyone else that was also working on the whole thing.

He also told me that he even made some new friends as well which was great for him! My friend Jonathan went through the haunted house twice on separate days. He found it more funny than scary, though it was a little scary for him. Apparently, the actors in it were singing a song about a panini and chanting “spotlight oh, moonlight oh.”

Honestly, I think anyone would find something like that to be funny. Even though it was more laughs than scares, Jonathan still had fun with it. He had told me that his favorite part was definitely when he walked passed the seance circle part of it.

Another friend of mine, Addrine, also went through it and she told me that everyone in there knew who she was and everyone was saying “hi grandma” or “grandma!” when they saw her. She told me that she had a lot of fun while there and would do it again if she could. When I asked Addrine her favorite part, she told me that it was when she first walked in and got scared by a guy in a red hoodie and a mask, “I legit almost punched him oh my god.” She said.

I know that everyone who went through the haunted house had fun with it, whether they got scared or not. It was a blast and I can’t wait for next year’s haunted house to come.