Detroit : Become Human Game Review

Art for the game itself

Art for the game itself

Maralya Mendoza, Staff Writer

Calling all gamers !! Have you heard of the game Detroit: Become Human? If not then here’s what it is !! It came out on May 25th in 2018, and people loved it as soon as they played it. It was quite a revolutionary game because it makes you play as robot androids living in the year 2038 where humans have androids to do everything for them. 

You play as three of the main characters in the story arcs, you play as Connor, the android that works as a detective in the DPD; Kara, the android that lives with Todd and his daughter Alice; and lastly Markus, who takes care of Carl. 

People that play the game fall in love with the characters as soon as they see them, and they want to keep them safe throughout the entire game. During the game, you have the choice to either help the androids or help get rid of them. 

Every choice and action that you do affects the ending that you get in the game. There’s an ending where all of the characters die, one where they all live, and one where the androids take over the world because they rebelled in a violent way rather than a peaceful way.

If you haven’t watched a playthrough of this game or played through it yourself, I would suggest that you do. If you wish to play it, you can get the game on the PS4. It also has quite a few fourth-wall-breaking moments in it, so sometimes the characters will directly talk to you.

Personally I think that fourth wall breaking games are quite fun and meta to play. I suggest playing or watching gameplay of the game!