Join Culinary Arts Club


Culinary Arts is the only club where you get to eat and cook delicious food. At Pinole Valley High School there are many different and unique activities that take place during and after school. During lunch and after school, you have the option to join or head to where your club is taking place. From K-POP to D&D, many clubs are calling your name. If you are a food fanatic and find joy in cooking and love free food, then Culinary Arts is the perfect match for you. 

Every meeting our President, Angelina, cuts and serves fresh mangoes for everyone to enjoy. I do not know if any other club presidents do this, but it is clear that our President is the best. 

Cooking and eating food may sound plain old boring but, ever heard of a cooking competition? Yes, cooking competitions often occur in Culinary Arts. Just like the cooking competitions on MasterChef and other food competition shows, judging and competing with one another are allowed. Like always, only ONE team will come out as Champions.

A few weeks ago the first-ever baking competition of the new school year happened. Our first competition started off with brownies, yum! Unlike the popular baking competition TV show The Great British Bake Off, everything was a complete disaster, but in a good and funny way, of course.

Teams were baking brownies, people were cutting and eating mangoes, and even salsa was being prepared. While salsa was being prepared, the scent of brownies baking in the oven mixed with the salsa, making a very strange and unusual aroma flow throughout the room.  To top it off, my team unknowingly added dark chocolate to the brownie batter. We also realized they overbaked in the oven after fanning them with cardboard pieces to quickly cook them off. The judges rated the brownies with a shocking score of 24/30–wow! Considering that brownies with candy bar chocolates were used instead of specific ones for baking and over-baked brownies being served, I would say we did an awesome job. 

Now that you’ve finished reading this article, are you considering joining Culinary Arts? If this article made you have a sudden urge to join Culinary Arts then make your way over to C108 after school! Meetings are every Tuesday and Thursday. If you would like to keep up with Culinary, join our remind by texting “20cookies” to this number: 81010.