The new Galaxy Tab s6


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Samsung Galaxy Tab s6.

Gurnoor Joshan, Staff Writer

The Galaxy Tab s6 is a new tablet that just came out in the Samsung Tab lineup. It came out on August 30th, 2019, and comes in three colors, blue, gray, and rose gold.

The new Galaxy Tab s6 has many new features that the tab s4 didn’t have. Its memory is up to 6/8 GB and its water-resistant. The water resistance is rated IP68 because it can survive over a meter underwater for 30 minutes. The CPU it runs is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which provides super-fast performance.

The Tab s6 also has new dual cameras which were a shock since its the first Samsung tablet/phone to have dual cameras. The tablet also has an application called “Samsung Dex.” Samsung Dex allows your tablet to become a hands-on laptop. It has a keyboard connector and apps that a laptop would usually have.

Here is Lamar Johnson’s opinion.” Samsung is durable and more reliable than Apple products and it comes at a cheaper price. I wouldn’t buy the tablet but I would recommend it to everyone”

Overall my opinion of this tablet is good and so are the ratings. I would prefer to buy since the tablet is also under a good price range which isĀ  $650 which sounds like an average price range for a good new tablet. Also, it is cheaper than many laptops, which sometimes can cost over $1000.

So would you buy the Galaxy Tab s6?