Say Hello to the Protectors of the Sea: Ocean Conservation Club

This is a club you’ll want to join if you’re into saving the ocean!


Sara Molina

Faculty sponsor William Heyward and the officers of the Ocean Conservation club.

Sara Molina, Staff Writer and Reporter

Ever heard of a club that’s dedicated to learning and saving the ocean? That would be Ocean Conservation Club. It’s one of the brand new additions to Pinole Valley High’s community. I had the honor of being able to interview Kayla Ruff, a representative of this club through Remind.

I inquired, “Ocean Conservation is a new club this year. What inspired you all to start it? Like who came up with the idea, and how did it all go from there?” 

She responded, “Torreyana the president is very passionate about the ocean and trying to conserve and learn about it. She came to us and asked if we wanted to start a club about it and we said yes because we also really want to try to do our part in helping conserve the ocean”.

“How you plan to execute those goals?” I questioned.

“We have meetings every Monday at lunch and we will discuss what’s been happening and keep people up to date with what’s going on in the ocean. We also hope to go to other schools (elementary and maybe higher grades) to teach kids about the ocean,” Ruff answered.

So not only is this club meant to inform the members of Ocean Conservation, but it’s also for the surrounding elementary (and maybe middle) schools. This club is also planning to do beach clean-ups. 

This club is run by Torreyana Roby as President, Kayla Ruff as Vice President, Stephanie Patrick as Secretary, and Karine Ruff as Treasurer. It’s sponsored by two teachers, Mr. Heyward and Ms. Cudaback. Meetings are on Mondays during lunch in Mr. Heyward’s room. They were introduced to Ms. Cudaback, one of our school’s brand new teachers, through Mr. Heyward, because she has an extensive background in oceanography.

At Club Awareness Day, you definitely would’ve noticed the pretty tie-dye, ocean-inspired shirts that the members were wearing to promote the club. The fundraisers they are currently having are to raise money for more shirts so that their members could also save the earth in style. (Note: They’re trying to think of another design that’s cheaper to buy, as the current ones are a bit pricey.)

Ocean Conservation is a club for students that want to support a noble cause: conserving our one and only Earth, with a group of people who are interested in the same thing. In addition, members become more informed about the ocean and what goes on in it. If that describes you, then make sure to join Ocean Conservation Club!

Add Ocean Conservation to stay informed of what they’re up to:

Instagram: @pv_ocean_conservation

Remind: Text @fk84g7c to 81010