Come On Down To Culinary Club!

Come On Down To Culinary Club!

Kevin Flores, Staff Writer

Looking for a club? Come on down to the Culinary Club, a place where you can express yourself through cooking.

It doesn’t matter if you have never cooked in your life or if you are very good at it, you are welcome to come at any time. The club is fun and it can calm you down after a hard day of school. So if you want to join you can come to room C108 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

This month in the Culinary Club, we will be making American Food. This past Tuesday we learned about what some sauces ingredients were so we could make them in the future. We talked about what we were going to do this month. Like on Halloween we are going to have a cook-off with other teams and our food will be judged.

This past Thursday, we went to the kitchen in the cafeteria. There were two teams, the rice team, and the sliders team. The rice team cut vegetables, made beans and made rice. Then they mixed it and it was tasty. The sliders team got the beef out, made them into small patties, and seasoned them. Then cut the bread into two pieces, toasted them, cut lettuce and tomatoes, and cooked the beef. After that, we tried them and it was delicious.

I interviewed some people in the club about why they joined the club. A club member named Monica Zaldivar said she joined because she is passionate about cooking and always wanted to be a chef. Zaldivar also said, “I can express myself in this club.”

Another club member, Aracely Cruz, said she wanted to get better at cooking so it can taste good.

So come to the Culinary Club where everyone is welcome.