Pinole Vs Vallejo Football Game

Natalie Ochoa, staff writer


Pinole Valley recently had a Football game on September 20,2019.Which was last Friday,this game they played against Vallejo High. For this game WE WON! The score was 45-31.

During the second quarter of the game, football number #14 had the ball and got tackled. He got injured very badly, so bad he couldn’t play the rest of the game. Even though he didn’t finish the game, we still did very well.

At the end of second quarter we had a halftime show. Vallejo’s cheerleaders did a mashup of different hip hop songs. Pinole’s cheerleaders also did a mashup but of 90’s hip hop songs.The Marching Band also performed at our halftime show.In my opinion the halftime show was probably the best part of the game.It was so fun to watch the cheerleaders preform and the band.

 During little parts of the game, the cheerleaders and the band would like hype up the crowd with all the spirit. Every time Pinole would make a touchdown the band would play a short little song to show our victory. This was the first game we won so far, hopefully in the future we will more.