The new campus is here!


Diane Springer

The new campus and the football field. The edge of the old campus in on the right.

Ruben Alejo, Staff Writer

The long-awaited new campus of Pinole Valley High School is finally here and is replacing the very first campus that opened in 1967. It supposedly cost more than $200 million dollars! The new campus is about 267,000 square feet and features two gyms (one big and one smaller), a new cafeteria, a theater, and modern classrooms. T 

A senior on the basketball, Enrique Wyatt, told me, ”The gyms are very spacious and are very fun to practice and play in. Before we had to play on the blacktop outside the library in the portables, now we have two brand new gyms. Me and the team love it.” 

The cafeteria now has six lunch lines, three on the outside and three on the inside. The lines themselves are much more orderly than before. Now it takes just a few minutes at most to get your lunch when before it would be chaotic and it would take 10+ minutes.

Anthony Ramos, a junior who was on the schools cross country team last year, said, ”The school is really nice and has a nice vibe to it when you enter. Definitely an upgrade from what we had before.”

The classrooms have also received a much-needed upgrade. The floors and the rooms themselves have a very modern look to them. The desks have even changed, and I like them for the better. Another great thing is that now the projector light will no longer shine in your face and walking in the front of the room because even the projectors have improved.

A senior named Keyor Pelaez, who was a cross country member and current band member, says, ”The classrooms themselves are extremely large and are much better than the portables classrooms. Also, the rooms won’t get extremely hot anymore because we can adjust the temperature of the classroom.” 

Finally, the theater. Though the theater isn’t yet open, many of the students and staff have already seen it. It’s said to be enormous and is almost finished. Whenever the theater eventually opens up, there’s no doubt that it’ll be one of the best in the district. So far, the campus has been a very new and interesting and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the school year holds.