Athlete of the Week

“I play football because it’s not an easy sport and it takes a lot of work to be good.” - Devon Gordon

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Athlete of the Week

Glendy Jimenez, Staff Writer

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Devon Gordon, a sophomore in Pinole Valley High School, is this week’s Athlete of the Week! Devon is on our varsity football team and is our starting quarterback as well as playing defense. 

Gordon was named athlete of the week after an amazing performance. He had a touchdown-saving tackle as a defensive back, 7 of 11 passing, 19 carries, and two big punts.

Devon has been playing football for eight years now. He began playing for the West County Spartans when he was eight years old, so he has been a Spartan for more than half his life!

Devon wore the number ten in his first football game and has worn that same number ever since. Watching football on T.V. and going to his cousin’s football games influenced him to play football. He wanted to try something new and once he told his mother she was happy, she wanted him to play!

“I play football because it’s not an easy sport and it takes a lot of work to be good,” said Devon.

Devon also said it has been a good season for him so far. “I’m playing with a good group of guys and they come ready to get better every day,” he said.

What keeps him pushing is his family. His family pushes him to do better, especially his mom. His mom is his biggest supporter and says that he does everything for her. 

Congratulations to our Athlete of the week, Devon Gordon!