Opening Football Game

Catherine Johnson, Staff Sportswriter

Friday the 23 of August, Pinole Valley had their first football game of the season. Yes, the opening game! No, it did not go as expected or as we wanted, but there were still so many positives!

This was also a great game to learn from their mistakes, which can be a good thing for all of us. Yes, it is true that we lost to Hayward, but this game did show us a number of things. For example, now we simply know how to get better, what to do next time, and how to to make the comeback even harder.

To focus on the positives, the cheerleaders gave an outstanding performance and kept the school filled with school spirit. On top of that, the marching band looked fabulous and sounded phenomenal!!

On top of all of this, the cheerleaders were amazing, and everyone else thinks so too! Kibby says, “My favorite performance was the half time cheer performance, One of the cheerleaders Ariel always excites me!”Former PV football player Joshua Francisco said that, “As a team, they could have had more fight, and they might have lost because they are not as dedicated and the mentality needs to change.” I think that everyone can see what he is saying and his point of view.  Joshua also said, “you cannot do the same thing and expect a change in the game.”

There were also good words from our beloved principal Kibby Kleiman, who said, ” I saw the team fighting and playing hard, but they did not look well prepared for the Hayward team. They also could have used some time in the weight room which they did not even have with the whole move. We lost very valuable time.” Kibby added, “I really admire the family aspects they have and how they push each other to get better.”He also says he feels great about the rest of the season, as do all of us!